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Spinal Pain Relief

Achy low back? Can't turn your head all the way to the left? Spinal pain and dysfunction is common, but that doesn't mean it's normal. With specific adjustments of the spine in conjunction with therapeutic exercises we can help you become pain free!

Headache Relief

Most people think chiropractic is just for helping with back pain. However, relief from headaches is one of the most researched and proven benefits of chiropractic care.

Joint Pain Relief

Shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle complaints? While addressing proper alignment and function of the spine, we can also facilitate better biomechanical movement of the joints of your extremities.

Sports Injuries

Evidence based care shows the effectiveness of combining chiropractic adjustments with other rehabilitative modalities and exercises. There's a reason why every professional and many collegiate programs have chiropractors as part of their sports medicine team.

Functional Rehab

Together we will develop specific goals for your care that we will work on in the office and show you how to take control of your pain by performing home stretches and rehabilitative/ strengthening exercises.

Sciatica Nerve Pain

After a thorough evaluation, those suffering from sciatica or peripheral nerve pain may be a great candidate for chiropractic care. “The American College of Physicians Clinical

Practice Guideline recommends that for acute, subacute, or chronic low back pain, physicians and patients initially utilize spinal manipulation and delay pharmacologic management.” 

-American College of Physicians 

Hello, I'm

Dr. Benjamin Deig

-Chiropractic Physician

Hello Peoria!

I am Dr. Benjamin Deig, owner of Peoria Spine and Sport. As a Chiropractic Physician, I utilize the latest evidence-based techniques and research to provide the highest quality patient centered care. As a former collegiate wrestler and D1 rugby player, I know all too well about feeling sore and beat up----> as well as how effective chiropractic care can be and the difference it made in my athletic career. I love working with athletes, whether that is the high school athlete looking to take the next step in their training to get a competitive advantage all the way to the weekend warrior who just wants to be able feel better and move better in order to continue doing the activities that you love. Allow us to help you unlock the athlete within and truly feel better, move better, and become better. 

Hello, I'm

Dr. Jaci Lawfer

-Chiropractic Physician

Hello Peoria!

I am so happy to be serving the Peoria Area with chiropractic care.  I grew up in Northwest corner of the state on our family farm in Kent, IL.  Being involved in athletics throughout high school I knew I wanted to enter a field that would allow me to learn more about the body, how we move, and how we should fuel and nourish it.  Continuing onto Palmer College of Chiropractic, I found my passion for wholistic health and the innate intelligence that all our bodies are born with.  Playing for the Palmer Women’s Rugby team also taught me the importance of preventative and rehabilitative care for athletic injuries.   Every stage of life comes with growth and new obstacles, which all require our bodies to be adaptive and functional.  I have witnessed the difference that chiropractic care can make for not just athletes, but whole families! Young and old, from day 1 of life to year 100 of life, taking care of our bodies and making sure they are aligned can make all the difference.  We, at Peoria Spine and Sport, would love to help you not just FEEL better, but move better, and LIVE a better quality of life in the process. 

Check out this video for more information about what sets us apart!

What our patients are saying:

"Dr. Deig is amazing at what he does. Came to Dr.Deig with lower back and shoulder pains. Working with him, he got me adjusted and into some rehab exercises for my shoulder. After about 5 visits my back felt 10xs better and the shoulder pain was a 2 out of the 6-7 scale it was coming in. Highly recommend Dr.Deig to anyone looking for or seeking medical assistance with chiropractic help."

-Brandon L

"I have been suffering with low back pain and back spasms for over 10 years. Was prescribed multiple different muscle relaxers by my doctor that I didn’t like to take. Dr. Deig got down to the root of my problem and I am almost completely pain free! My mobility is much improved and my spams are next to none!! Thanks Peoria Spine for giving me my life back!!"

-Amanda S

"5 out of 5 stars for Dr. Ben Deig. As a personal trainer, runner and athlete, I’m glad I can trust Dr. Ben to make sure my body is exactly the way it needs to be- in order to be successful at what I do- and pain free.

I highly recommended Dr. Deig for all your chiropractic needs!"

-Stevie H

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Personal Injury?

Personal injuries such as car accidents or workplace injuries can happen at any time. If this has happened to you, it is important to seek care as quickly as possible to prevent long term damage. Here at Peoria Spine and Sport, we can help you recover from personal injuries without the use of surgery or prescription drugs. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, on the job, or due to someone’s negligence, you likely need a personal injury lawyer to help get you the compensation you’re entitled to. After an accident, people are often confused as to how they will pay for treatment and what they are entitled to receive. You’re entitled to have reasonable treatment paid by the responsible party or their insurance carrier.

VanDerGinst Law has represented thousands of injury victims and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf. We refer our patients to VanDerGinst Law to handle their injury cases. When you contact them, mention our name to receive a discount on attorney fees. VanDerGinst Law never charges an attorney fee on injury cases unless they win. Contact them at 800-960-8529 or”